Monday, 6 April 2009

Weight Loss Programme

What is this course all about?

This course is not a fad diet; it does not promote supplements or a miraculous piece of exercise equipment to enhance weight loss! They simply DO NOT WORK!!! This course is about adopting a new approach to exercise, health and fitness. It is about creating long term, sustainable changes. It is about a change in thinking, exercise style, lifestyle and nutritional choices.

I have written this course to provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to implement changes that will ensure long term health, energy and longevity. I want you to be HEALTHY FOR LIFE!!!

One of the reasons why so may people fail to achieve their desired weight is because it does not happen overnight and it is not easy to stay lean in today’s culture. However, with the correct dietary habits and an effective exercise programme, you will be well on the way to achieving the body of your dreams!

The main reason why people fail to achieve their goals is because they DO NOT BELIEVE they can!! This results in procrastination, laziness and a give up attitude. Because people’s thought processes are fundamental to success, a large percentage of this course focuses upon attitudes and beliefs. This course is underpinned by psychological principles as I believe this is the starting point to success in anything.

7 Steps to success:

Deciding EXACTLY what you want
Ensuring that you have a BURNING DESIRE for what you want to achieve
Assessing where you are right now
Setting TANGIBLE goals for what you want to achieve
VISUALISING and ‘feeling’ what you want to achieve as if you have already achieved it
BELIEVING that you CAN achieve it
Start taking action NOW!